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Available Puppies

Post  biewerbreeder on Mon Oct 18, 2010 8:58 pm

New litter - Have a Mustard (*Creme/Golden) male and a Mustard Belted male
available in this litter. $1200.00 each. BYA registered.
Call me at 870-210-4345 if your interested in one of these puppies.
Mother is a Black/Gold Biewer and sire is a Mustard F1 Biewer.
See them on my website at http://www.classactkennel.com Very Happy
You can also read on our site about the differences in colors and patterns that many
that are breeding today are not aware of.
If your wanting to breed for the "UNIQUE" colors and patterns and specifically what
is called "GOLDEN" then you need to check out the difference in Mustard verses Creme genetics. Mustard can reproduce without having a 2nd gene to do so. Creme
requires 2 copies of the gene. Mustard is the gene you are wanting if your wanting
to be able to produce the Goldens in virtually every litter without having to have a
2nd gene in the mate as well.

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